Youth Leadership Programme


The Youth Leadership Programme extends Buddhist education from Primary students to Secondary students and above. This initiative focuses on instilling leadership and event planning skills alongside Buddhist teachings. Its goal is to enable youths to independently organise and lead Buddhist events. These abilities are not only crucial for better service to the Buddhist community as they mature but also invaluable assets in their everyday lives. They enable a shift in mindset and actions from follower to leader. Enroll your child in this class to unlock a multitude of life’s advantages.


All Youth Leaders will be trained in:

  • Buddhist Studies;
  • Leadership Skills;
  • Event Planning;
  • Ceremonial Chants;
  • And more…


Bhikkhu Varañāṇo, an experienced educator, will lead this course. With eight years of teaching background and having held a position of Curriculum Planner, he brings extensive teaching expertise to the programme. Furthermore, he holds a Master of Education (Curriculum and Teaching) from Singapore’s National Institute of Education (NIE) and is the founder of this website.

For more details about Bhikkhu Varañāṇo’s monkhood, see here.


  • In-person event
  • Open to all Secondary 1 students and above
  • Registration is on a first-come-first-serve basis
  • Free Course (until we need to rent a new location in 2nd half of 2024)

Course Location


Every Saturday 1530 to 1700 Hours at the following dates:

Jan Feb Mar Apr May
6 3 2 6 4
13 17 9 13 11
20 24 16 20 18
27 23 25

Due to uncertainty of class facility, the following dates are tentative. Confirmed dates will be sent to parents once class facility is secured for 2nd half of 2024.

Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct
1 6 3 7 5
8 13 10 14 12
15 20 17 21 19
22 27 24 26
29 31

Seats Available

The Youth Leadership Programme has 30 seats available.

Registration Period

From 5 December 2023 onwards

Information for Registration

Personality Tests

Every youth needs to complete and submit the results of TWO free personality tests.

First test is to gauge a person’s overall personality:
16 Personalities

Second test is to gauge a person’s interpersonal skills:
Interpersonal Skills

After completing the tests,
1) Provide a valid email address to the websites so that you can receive the test results in your email;

2) Print out the emails as PDFs with the name of the youth + test name as filename (E.g.: “Tan Ah Meng 16 Personalities” & “Tan Ah Meng Interpersonal Skills”);

3) Upload the PDFs using the “Upload” button in the registration form.
(Note: Registering for 1 youth, upload 2 PDF test results; registering for 2 youths, upload 4 PDF test results; etc.)

This is primarily used for understanding the general personality of every student.

Name of Parent

Parent’s name can be submitted using English or Chinese characters.

Email of Parent

Use an email address that you use frequently and has access to because all correspondences from this course will be sent by email.

After submitting your registration, you will receive a verification email. Please check your email account and click on the link provided in the email to verify the authenticity of your email address. After successful verification, another email will be sent to you with the course information included.

This is one of many preventive measures used by RID to prevent bots from hacking our website and using our server resources for the hackers’ illegal activities.

Handphone of Parent

Include the country code for your handphone number. Example: +65 81234567

If you don’t include the country code and you are from overseas, it will be difficult to contact you on Whatsapp for class matters.

Country of Hp Number

Select the country of the handphone number given above.

In case, you have forgotten to include the country code for the handphone number, we can still use the country stated here to attempt to contact you on Whatsapp for class matters.

Number of Youths

Select the number of youths who will be attending the Youth Leadership Programme.

The selection ranges from 1 to 3.

Name(s) of Youth(s)

Provide the name of every youth that you are registering for.

This is primarily used for tracking attendance. Our aim is to inform parents about any instances of late arrival or absence of their child(ren) if we have not received prior notification. This helps prevent truancy by keeping parents informed.

Cloudflare Turnstile

Cloudflare Turnstile is another preventive measure used by RID to prevent bots from hacking our website and using our server resources for the hackers’ illegal activities.

It is being set to non-interactive to enhance user experience but is still able to stop bots competently.

If you encounter any errors with Turnstile, please turn off your VPN and/or adblocker and refresh your browser to try again.

Data protection

To comply with international rules on data protection of personal information (GDPR) , it is necessary to seek permission from registrants before storing and using this data.

Please read our terms & conditions and privacy policy to find out how your personal information will be stored and used. If you agree, check the box to allow RID to use your personal information.

If you do not agree and do not check the box, you will not be able to submit the registration as RID will not be able to use any of your information to process the registration.

If you do not see the checkbox, whitelist this website in your anti-virus and/or adblocker and refresh the webpage.

Youth Leadership Programme

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