Date News
March 2023 1) Formatting of website

Website has undergone re-formatting to ensure all components are displayed as intended. New formatting rules have also been implemented to ensure consistency, especially for tables.
2) Management of plugins

● Table plugins have been removed in favour of HTML and CSS tables as flexibility and consistency of table formatting and styling are required.

● hCaptcha plugin has been removed in favour of Cloudflare Turnstile plugin as it imposes less friction for users in differentiating between bots and humans.
3) International donation options

International donation options have been removed as there were no contributions and the upkeep required for the donation options is draining RID’s resources. However, international donors can contact RID through email for donation options.
September 2022 1) Social follow and share

Social follow and share has been added to the website. They are both available on the footer of the website. Additionally, social share can be found at the end of all posts.
2) Course survey

Course survey added for course participants to give feedback.
August 2022 1) Progressive Web App (PWA) has been added to the website

There are multiple benefits to using PWA for visitors:

● Easy installation. Just visit any page on on the browser and click on the ‘Add to Home Screen’ button at the bottom of the webpage. Also, be sure to allow notifications from RID.

● Enhanced communication with visitors and event participants. Notifications can be sent through PWA to notify those who have installed PWA on their devices about updates for the website and events, on top of email communication.

● A shortcut is installed on the homescreen of the devices which allows for quick access to Refuge In Dhamma without having to use the browser.

● Any updates to the website will be immediately reflected on the PWA without having to wait for software updates.
2) News page

News page will show the dates and details of the updates that have been done to the website.
3) Donors’ List page

Donors’ List page will show every month’s donors.
July 2022 Official launch of Refuge In Dhamma website

On 13 July 2022, the basic framework for the website has been established: Automatic email response system, Events registration, Singapore Paynow donations, Articles, Virtual Events and Security measures.