Volunteer work to help Willing Hearts do meal deliveries is being conducted to help children realise the following:

  • Empathy and Compassion
  • Through direct interaction with those in need, children learn to empathize with others and develop compassion towards people facing challenges.
  • Responsibility
  • By arriving on time and making sure all the meals are delivered to the right place teaches children about responsibility and the importance of following through on commitments.
  • Teamwork
  • Grouping children from different families together, separate from their parents, help them learn to cooperate with others.
  • Social Skills
  • Grouping children with other adults and having to interact with people from needy families help improve their social skills which is a crucial skill in life.

30 June 2024

Delivered to 42 locations in Bedok, Hougang, Sengkang and Tampines.

Chernyn, Chloe & Denzel & Emma, Cindy & Owen, Hui En & Zhi En, Hui Jing & Hui Qing, Pei En & Zhong Ping, Yan Ci.

Bhikkhu Varañāṇo, Aster & Bernard, Bao Lun, Ben & Jia Yan, Eric, Grace & Peter, Jovin, JY, Koelyn, Sor Kok Chiang, Wee Yong.


Students and their parents from the Children’s Chanting Class volunteered at Willing Hearts to do meal deliveries on 30 Jun 2024. 儿童诵经班的学生与他们的父母在 2024年 6月 30日志愿为愿之心(Willing Hearts)送餐。 BGM: “Pink Lemon” by Rockot (Pixabay) willinghearts volunteersg refugeindhamma

♬ original sound – Refuge In Dhamma – Refuge In Dhamma
RID Volunteering at Willing Hearts
Willing Hearts 30 June 2024
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